Jimmy Rockliff Does Design | Soy Candle Tins Mock-ups
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Soy Candle Tins Mock-ups

I created these soy candle tin design, 3D product and die-lines mockups for ProPac Packaging Sales and Product Development team, to help them sell to buyers who find it difficult to imagine what the finished product would look like with various designs on it, when real samples are not available.


I created the design drafts (inline with ALDI’s own brand Purewick style guide) and line drawings in Illustrator, then I imported them into Photoshop and manipulated the designs drafts using transform tools, to appear as though they are covering the tins.  Then I used dodge and burn tools to give them a more 3D dimensional appearance, and I cleaned it all up using paths to trim away any bit outside the lines.




Product Mock-ups

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