Jimmy Rockliff Does Design | ‘Mug on the Go’ Mock-ups
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‘Mug on the Go’ Mock-ups

I created these ‘Mug on the Go’ 3D product and die-lines mockups for ProPac Packaging Sales and Product Development team, to help them help their product buyers imagine what the finished product would look like with various designs, as real samples were not available.


I was supplied a dirty 3D technical illustration, the colours to be used, and the patterns. Using Photoshop, firstly I cleaned the 3D technical illustration and made it plain white, suitable for super imposing colours and patterns and colours onto. Then I super-imposed the patterns and colours onto the plain white travel mug, and used the warp transform tool to give the effect of  the pattern designs being ‘wrapped’ around the travel mug.  Some layer effects made it look more real, and I cleaned it all up with paths.




Product Mock-ups

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