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Bossh. Website

‘Bossh.’, a startup creative and marketing talent recruitment business wanted a simple and ‘hip’ website with a style evocative of a newspaper, that left them plenty of room to grow their business identity look and feel, and plenty of room to grow the website, edit it and add job posts themselves. And they wanted it in just a few days and on a freakin’ tiny budget.


I was able to deliver. I used WordPress as the CMS. And for the website; firstly, to save time and clients money I chose a really good theme as a base for the design and website structure, then I built the website using the themes elements, and customising the theme’s template files when necessary. I created a striking, simple and ‘hip’ look, by using minimal colours and omitting images in favour of large text-only banners and bright “bianchi” green backgrounds, and combining that with vintage style sketches and large text banners, all on the tendy onepage style website. The newspaper feel is obtained by onepage style, the use dark grey serif text on white background and old fashioned line page dividers. The lack of imagery combined with simple design allows them to develop their identity without changing the current one much, and the awesomely powerful theme with so many elements makes sure the website can do anything ‘Bossh.’ likes.


Check it out here: www.bossh.com.au




Web Design and Development

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