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ASR Logistics Website

This client was not satisfied with their current website host and developer, and wanted to have control over all their website related bits and pieces, as well as a new website that they can refer to their potential customers to give all the info the customer may need. Although they only wanted a very similar website to what they already had….


But, I gave them more than that. I took control of their domain name, webhosting, email account, made a shiny new website that conveys info in an user friendly way and gathers leads, and handed it all back to them in a nice neat little package.


For the website; I used WordPress as the CMS, as WordPress’s admin is very user friendly and makes it easy for web novices to edit their own text and image content (very important to my client who wanted complete control). I chose a very good theme that contains many elements for interesting info display, and based the website design and structure on this. I used elements such as acordians, and tabs to display content, this way it’s easier for the user to find what they want. I used call to actions and multiple forms to gather leads. And I restructured the website so that its easier for the user to navigate around. All features not present in their original website.


See website here: www.asrlogistics.com.au




Web Design and Development

ASR Logistics, front-end development, UX, website, Wordpress